Information for parents or guardians

If your daughter or son has been scouted and you want to learn more, we encourage you to visit our website for further information on all our exciting divisions. Our social platforms are also a useful resource to find out more about who we represent and how we work.

For newly scouted potential models or younger people, we have two divisions: ‘Verve’ for girls (located under the Women’s section on the website) and ‘New Faces’ for boys (located under the Men’s section). Both divisions represent models over 16 years old. Most are still at school, in higher education, or in the early stages of model development.

Also, you will find ‘Sneak Preview’ (found in Women drop zone ) and ‘Select Teen’ (found in Men drop zone).  Both divisions represent younger teens under 16 years old.  A preview into our next Select generation.  These models are still in education, and, modelling is seen as an enjoyable hobby, predominately, testing at weekends or school holidays.

We take pride in the care we provide for our young models. Many of our Select agents are parents who have years of experience managing and nurturing new talent. We offer a safe, fun and caring start to a model’s career and are always available to guide both parents and models.

Please feel free to contact our scouting teams on the scout card you received. Alternatively, you can email the contacts below to arrange the next steps or ask any questions and get further information. (women’s division) (men’s division)

Thank you for your time.


The Select Scouting Team